Retail Staff Rostering Software

The retail sector needs a tool that can manage the store requirements as well as employees. We can carry out these tasks simultaneously using smart scheduling software.  The smart scheduling software creates a work schedule for employees through which they can take care of new requirements of the store without overwhelming employees.

The Retail scheduling solution will consider various parameters such as varying store sizes, average sales volume per department and skillet required per shift for each employee. It ensures that the payroll budget covers each shift per department.

Retail Scheduling Software Features

The smart scheduling software is an essential feature to have in a retail store or department. It is harder to maintain and carry out different work and keep all those in sync. Thus, to organize the workforce in a systematic manner for increasing productivity and efficiency.

We can organize employees in different shifts according to their skills, availability and work rule criteria and can also recognize how the shift works. Based on the shift, we can check for future shift patterns. Also, this system will give us if there is a need for any new resource.

This smart rule-based solution is incomparable to the retail sector. The retail management also offers transparency as a key by creating complex work rosters through real-time data. It pulls the data from integrated data points for creating the rosters.

The retail rostering software builds complex work schedules that are considered on parameters such as department footfall, revenue per section, stock level management and special days (public holidays, etc).

Benefits to the Retail Sector:

  • Easily manage and create complex work schedules ensuring to follow the associated work rules.
  • Timesaving schedules where each retail department, shift or sector completes business requirements.
  • Provides Real time data as per the department requirements. This acts as an advantage while taking a decision so that it works efficiently.
  • Factors such as Footfall, season, and time of day, day of week, peak sales period, payroll budget, stock levels, public holidays and staff availability are checked.
  • Reduction in costs and external hiring agency staff allowing more profit and accurate payroll budget.
  • Increase in employee morale, efficiency and productivity as they have control over the shift availability and assigned accurate tasks. This is helpful in maintaining the needs of employees and managers or supervisors intact.
  • Our team of developers and customer support staff employs all the help and expertise needed to for scheduling process. They recognize the gaps and ensure to fill those gaps while increasing productivity.
  • We understand the challenges that arise and manage those with complex and multiple rosters.
  • Our retail scheduling software evolves according to the business needs and your continuous investment motivates us to bring out our best.

Employees are your most valuable assets. Our Retail Scheduling System providing your staff with the right tools to overcome the staffing challenges that face the retail sector every day.