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Setting up an employee’s tasks, assigning shifts is a repetitive and tiresome job. It consumes all your energy as well as time to figure out a schedule that can work for you as well as the employee. And adding to the pile is the burden of keeping standard shift sizes, employee availability, count of workers to be assigned on tasks, etc in mind. With those responsibilities keep changing with the departments.

With these, the schedule needs changes every week as per the requirements change. This adds up an effortful job along with the other ones and puts all the other pressure on human resources and payroll department. Thus the productivity is affected by this and so is the quality. However, to ensure all of this is taken care of, we introduce the rostering software.  Rostering software not only simplifies the tasks but also saves your time and effort involved.


Employee Rostering Software Features

Roster software manages everything from shift availability to creating the employee rosters. It resolves all the issues of employee scheduling in a go. Thus, rostering software keeps track of all the needs, and ensures these are completed in time. This takes shift management on another level.

The rostering software offers you a roster with information of all the workers, their strengths and availability. It handled numerous tasks such as shift management, tracks the request of time off with roster building.


What is Roster Building?

To ensure the employee roster software works efficiently, you can start with the roster-building activities. Roster-building involves setting up an employee’s data in the system. The roster analyzes the skills and tasks associated with the employee and it will give you details, in which department you can allocate the specified worker. For more detailed info, you should add the payroll of the employee. Also, the software helps you to adhere to some rules and parameters that are specified. So, if any rule or parameter criteria are not met the system will alert you. The system will send a notification with the details in order to aware of the underlying issue.

Suppose, if there is a fixed budget for the payroll department, it’ll take the department’s needs into account and workers required. Thus, if the department is facing overstaffing or understaffing, it will notify for the same.


What is Automatic Rostering

One of the advantages of staff rostering software is Automatic Rostering. So, you can view all the functions featuring your rostered employees. In case you want to reassign an employee to different departments or different tasks, you can easily do it as much as needed. Also, rostering software is equipped with “Job Solver”. This will have the list of employees available and can be assigned that particular job or task. The software will take care of all of these.


Requesting Availability

Employee availability is a tough nut to crack, Unavailability accounts for shift changes and reallocation of tasks. Therefore there is a grave necessity to indulge employees to schedule and to ensure their availability. Through roster software, the employees can manage their availability and feed the data in the system. This way the Human Resources department does not have to chase the employees for knowing their availability and they can plan and manage the tasks efficiently. The automatic program can then handle the rest of the tasks associated with the absence.


How to Manage Shifts

When requirement increases, more new shifts can be introduced. For example, there can be many alternate shifts, flexitime shifts, and more. So, when a workplace expands, it can include a more diverse range of shifts to deal with the increasing workload. Rostering software has a separate module to manage such shifts and keep track of those. The human resources department can select different options available within the program and can schedule these shifts as legally required.


The Benefits of Using Rostering Software

Rostering software offers multiple benefits. The most advantageous is automation. It allows the system to handle many tasks in real time. This makes room for HR to focus on more important and priority tasks.

It also allows the employee to enter their availability. Thus, it captures the department data and ensures there are enough employees for the given tasks. It also helps to stay in budget while accounting for employees and workload. It keeps everything in sync in real-time and can generate reports accordingly.


Managing the Unexpected

The management observes staff contingency even when trying best to keep everything in sync. Unavoidable complex tasks can be managed through rostering software. When handling unplanned leaves, it replaces a different employee to take care of the tasks. Thus your deliverables are not affected at all. With an amicable solution, it also gives us customer satisfaction. Thus quality, quantity, and contingency all handled in one.


A Scalable Rostering System

Rostering software is ideal, not only for large-scale industries but also for smaller scale. In fact, while implementing it from a small scale you can design it in such a way that it grows with you. With the increasing employee and shifts, the automated program will take care of all of this in an ideal way.

This way you can figure out that the rostering system not only is beneficial but can handle numerous tasks simultaneously. Our rostering system offers a solution that handles all aspects of your roster in an organized, planned and secure manner.

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