auto solve rostering software

Auto Solve Software

The Auto solve function of our eSolve scheduling solution helps us to work with different rules and requirements. It is an automated robust function that can “solve” complicated scheduling needs. It not only saves time but also deals with items such as Staffing Levels, Employee Skill Sets, Employee’s Working Hours and availability and provide an optimal viable solution to work on those.

This auto solve function only needs the scheduling criteria and requirements to be fulfilled. It provides automatically assigns the responsibilities to employees with a particular shift based on the requirements. It can do wonders when the data is comprehensive and matches the organization’s rules. It will identify, check the availability for employees and shift and assign tasks in real-time accordingly without any manual help. This is an ideal solution for all our scheduling problems.

Thus, it increases scheduling efficiency and saves time and labor while satisfying the complex shift management. By extracting data from multiple sources to build an optimal shift while matching all the required criteria is common within the organization. However, while creating those any best possible person can make errors. So, gradually it adds up more hours than required or the resources required. Thus, manual data input can concur errors while creating a shift.

To hire an agency for filling in the shift slots has become a common practice. Though it seems like an easier option for a manager or supervisor, it is expensive and overstretches the allocated shift budget. So, to deal with such situations auto solve suggests a work schedule the is based on the availability of employees at a particular time. Thus, this way the employees will be taken care of. And we can set the budgets against each shift to follow.  Auto solve will work out the solution that can fit in our budget while satisfying the underlying.

Auto solve does not violate any shift requirements to make a dully solved schedule. It sticks to the employee groups that the manager or supervisor has access to. Thus, a suggested shift can be checked out in the available slots. To make this on your control, the manager or supervisor can alter the shifts and tasks for an employee and can assign them in the available slots.


The Benefits of Auto Solve

  • It removes the need for a manual input roster, thus rectifying human errors.
  • It creates the best possible shift with the data given such as Schedule, the Employees availability, the Job types, Skillsets, Employee work rules.
  • Time-saving for supervisor or manager
  • Eliminating the need for agency staff
  • Reduces overspends and saves labor costing.
  • Recognize the best and right employee for a given shift based on predefined rules.
  • Increase in productivity as well as efficiency
  • Enables “Auto Solve” for the schedule problems face by the supervisor or manager.
  • It works faster in real-time and makes room for the supervisor to work on other important tasks.


Auto solve is a reliable, accurate and smart solution for our scheduling needs. It provides us with the best solution available based on our work rules for any business, service or department. It not only saves time but also costs while increasing work productivity and efficiency. Thus, this function proves to be worthy and valuable asset for your organization.