Employee Availability

Employee Availability

Employee availability enables employees to make themselves available for shifts that are outside the normal working week. It also creates an opportunity for casual or part-time employees. An employee can input their work availability and then managers and supervisors can check the availability for that particular shift. In this way, the work is not impacted in case of a shortage of employees, their absence or to deal with any unexpected circumstances.

Employee availability with the eSolve auto rostering feature can create an optimal roster available.  On the basis of availability, it can create a schedule that can be then abided by the employee available.

Suppose, if an employee is available on a certain date/dates, just select the dates and enter the start and end time. With this, a schedule will be created easily for that period of time. In a similar way, they can set the unavailability dates with the agenda or through the calendar. With the information available, the managers or supervisors the eSolve feature can directly determine and check if the employee is available for that particular shift from the dashboard.  Depending on the compliance with work rules, skillsets or shift requirements, the employee can be assigned for that shift.

Employees can access their availability screen which shows their presence (or absence) in a calendar view that can be presented on the basis of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. The employees can also set the custom date/time combination for availability. A range of dates can be selected and using drag and click function from the calendar or the agenda view.

Employees can also delete or modify availability for the tasks. Managers can also set/modify the availability of an employee. They can have access as the employees to do all the tasks. Thus, the managers and employees both are aware of the availability and thus, promoting transparency.


The Best Features of Employee Availability

  • Create an optimal and accurate roster based on all the variables/ inputs keeping employee availability in mind.
  • Transparency in staff availability between supervisors and employees.
  • Reduction in work impact due to absence or missing staff.
  • Increase in employee productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction.
  • Supervisors can auto roster a shift with the available data.
  • Empowering employees with assert and access to update ‘availability’ dashboard and related features.
  • Users can edit, modify or delete the entries depending on conditions.


Employee availability is a robust tool that can increase morale and satisfaction among employees. The data provided in this can also help the supervisor or manager to understand and sync with the available shifts with the workload. This can increase productivity as well as inputs can generate an auto optimal schedule so the employees and supervisors does not have to work with the same.