eSolve On Call feature

The On Call List

The on call is a robust function that comes with our eSolve solution. It ensures that when an employee is unable to attend or needs to be replaced, another employee can work jobs/shifts instead of the original ones. This is the same as being on Stand By.

In this feature, when an employee selects to be ‘on call’ for a job, so they will work for the specified job when needed. Managers or supervisors have control over the count to be set on the employees who will be “on call” slot and paying a premium for being “on call”.   The slots availability can be set using the parameters such as job type, schedule, sub-group or individual job.


The “On Call List” employees can go through the available job slots and access them within the system. To ensure a swift transition, the eligible jobs are only shown to the employees. They can only apply if conditions such as available shift, matching job type rules, constraints or any other data requirement are fulfilled. When an “on call” employee access the slots, those slots are reassessed against the employee. They are considered on the basis of the employee’s own availability, job type rules, and schedule constraints so as to show the appropriate slots available for the employee.


The “on call” employees are not assigned to two different jobs at the same time, so when an employee accepts the job slot, they will no longer display on the call board. Once they qualify for the job, they will no longer be available for another job. They can also free up the seat by removing themselves from the call list. To ensure the employees do not remove themselves from the job list, so we can set up deadlines.

For instance, the employees will not be able to remove themselves from the on call list, close to the job start time such as 24 hours from the start time.

Sometimes there are gaps in shifts or job even when the required criteria matches. To deal with this, we have an “auto swap” function. The ‘auto swap’ function will automatically align the on call employees to jobs.

The managers can also manually assign employees to a job with eSolve. The ‘on call’ list is updated regularly so that the managers and employees can see the full activity record. The records have an employee who took slots, dates of slots, and the status of the employee if valid or invalid, and the assignment if manual or automatic, such as more. Employees are updated by Push notifications.


The Benefits of eSolve ‘On Call’

  • Employees can select and elect themselves to be “on call” list.
  • eSolve assigns employees automatically, from the list of required job and shifts.
  • The deadline can be set in system preference to avoid employee cannot remove themselves from a close on call list.
  • To ensure that the employees qualify for the on call list, they should match with parameters such as work rules, skill sets, max hour, etc.
  • Shift efficiency and higher productivity rate.
  • Time-saving advantage as the shift gaps are recognized and resolved.
  • There is no requirement of any external agency workers that leads to cost savings.

The on call list is a fantastic feature within the eSolve Smart Rostering solution. It saves time; matches skill set requirements but at the same time stays within the parameters of predefined rules unique to your organisation.