employee roster building

Roster Building

Roster building can be an essential aspect that contributes to the success of your organization. Rosters help manage employees’ work patterns while increasing productivity, efficiency and proficiency. Your organization can run smoothly with various shift practices.

Our Smart Scheduling software, eSolve, is equipped with Roster Building funtionality. Roster building gives your organization a customizable solution for all your shift staffing requirements.  It is a robust, reliable and intuitive tool that shows our experience in innovating in software development and implementation. We understand the daily challenges your organization faces and have created roster building that will suit all industries and sectors.

It is essential for a manager or a supervisor to organize and plan an optimal shift or series of shifts and employee scheduled hours by creating a roster system that works efficiently everytime. It allows a user to plan a staff shift based on the work and available employees in the respective department.

Roster building not only creates rosters but also shows the hierarchical structure of your organization. It breaks this into segments that can be then assigned and sync with the department, job requirements, etc.


Roster Templates

Roster templates are created to suit various shifts patterns. For aligning with frequent rotation and similar shifts, we can use these templates. Templates can represent the shifts requirement by various different departments within your organization. For instance, some organizations have multiple departments or locations. Work rules and allowances in accordance each department and location can be predefined within a particular template. If there is need for a ‘Weekend’ template, it can be created with built-in hours, works and many such constraints.

You can also create Ad hoc templates as you need them. In such a way, multiple templates can be created within the system and can be modified as per the requirement.

Roster templates can be created to accommodate customer’s requirements. Suppose if we want to create a template based on football season, the sales figure of the department to the number of beds occupied in hotels, etc.  Thus, to create an optimal roster we add customer data or pre-input customer metrics to calculate the required shifts. This accurate rostering not only ensure customer satisfaction but also maintains the allocated shift budget provided by managers or supervisors.


The Benefits of Roster Building

  • For curating rosters based on the rotational shift specifications.
  • Build multiple rosters for supporting different locations.
  • A roster that can accommodate the entire organization structure.
  • Custom shift rosters.
  • Customer data-driven rosters that can keep up with different customer metrics
  • Optimal and accurate rosters using predetermined templates.

There are multiple advantages to have a rostering system. It takes off the load from the manager or supervisor while fulfilling all the requisites of an organization. It can be customized, or you can simply feed in the data for days of the week or the start/finish timings. This simple thing can create a wonderful impact on your organization.