employee skills mapping

Schedule By Skillset

It is essential that the tasks should be assigned to the right person, who has the skills to do so. By scheduling through skill matrix, you are ensured that the shift schedule requirements are being completed by the matched skillset employee. If a shift is filled with appropriate skill set employees. It will not only reduce administration costs but also increase productivity and efficiency.

To create an optimal and efficient roster, there is a need to manage precise workforce skills. Thus, it becomes in evident when Roster managers and supervisors can quickly arrange all shifts with respect to their skill set, availability, department, etc.

Shift managers or supervisors can check the updated data list which has the employees list with their respective skill set. This data can then be used to divide them into teas, shifts or departments to ensure every part is staffed and taken care of.

If there is a partially incomplete roster, the managers will have the control to fulfill it manually by going through the database and finding the skilled employee to fill up the missing space.

The skills matrix is not just used for matching employee skills. It enables users to track and update information about their skillset and to notify the managers or supervisors if the employee requires any additional training.

Managers can add skills or edit the existing ones by simply clicking on the ‘Add Skill’ function. They can also filter the database to see a particular skill or subset of skills available.


The Advantages of Scheduling by Skillset

  • Access the workforce skills to manage them into teams, shifts, and departments, etc.
  • It asses the skill sets to make adjustments as needed improving efficiency.
  • Increase in productivity and ability by matching the employees with their desired skill set.
  • It recognizes the special skill set employees.
  • For continuous development and advancing the employee skills, you can ensure the employee training and certification are up to date.


The skill matrix is the most important part of the roster solution. It matches the employees to do the work they are good at. Thus, ensuring to reduce administration costs and boosting productivity, capability, and efficiency for the growth of an organization and making it profitable.