What is eSolve?

Saving you Time and Money

eSolve is a constraint-based smart scheduling solution capable of meeting the diverse and complex staff scheduling requirements of businesses across multiple industry verticals. eSolve focuses specifically on taking the ‘Scheduling’ piece of the overall time & attendance problem and dealing with it.

It is designed to handle any complex schedule-related rules the customer may have and provide a modern, user-friendly UI which allows both managers and employees in interact with the system easily over desktop and mobile devices.

eSolve is for Managers

eSolve is a system developed for Managers/Supervisors and Employees. Managers can solve complex scheduling problems through eSolve’s user friendly Interface. Some of the available features and functionality to Managers include Auto Solve, Constraint Rules, Target Rules, Formulas, Skills Matrix, Approvals, Staff Details, Dashboards, Reports, Integration and API.

eSolve is for Employees

Employees will have more control over their own schedule as eSolve provides visibility and interactive functionality. Employees can access the Mobile App, Dashboards, Job Offers, Trade Boards, Shift Swaps, Availability, Absences and Notifications.

Is eSolve a Standalone Application?

eSolve can operate as a standalone application. For any feature needed to support the schedule, (such as adding employees, absences and so on), it is possible for users to manually maintain these through the eSolve interface.

However, features outside of scheduling do not exist in eSolve, such as entitlement management, timesheets, complex HR functions and so on

eSolve suits larger organisations where other systems (T&A, HR, Payroll) exist separately and eSolve plugs-in easily to them. eSolve will deal with the specific area of scheduling, while these other related areas will be managed in other systems and data will follow in and out of eSolve as required

Who is eSolve For?

eSolve is a robust application that can work across all industries that offer shift or pay-per-hour work. eSolve will connect the dots between your scheduling, your employees and your profitability. Some of the main verticals that eSolve performs best in includes Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Education, Logistics, Contact Centres and so much more.


Integration is at the heart of eSolve. While eSolve will easily handle any scheduling-related requirements, it will more than likely form just one part of the overall Employee Management solution. In that regard, we understand customers will need data to flow seamlessly in to and out from eSolve.

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